• Innis & Gunn

    Innis & Gunn

Our Work with Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn are Scotland's fastest growing producer of craft beers. RESCU have worked in partnership with I&G since 2014, supporting their growth with gift packaging, shrinkwrapping, and single bottle wrapping, and packing over 2.5m units for them in 2018.

  • Limited Edition Gift Packaging

    Limited edition small batch beers are central to Innis & Gunn's innovative approach to brewing. Small batches requiring bespoke, premium packaging inevitably create challenges that require careful management to maintain both quality and cost efficiency. RESCU Solutions recently supported the launch of Innis & Gunn's limited edition Vanishing Point series by packing the beer bottles into gift cartons.

Supporting Growth & Innovation

Already one of Scotland’s most successful international craft brewers, exporting to over 35 countries, Innis and Gunn are continually developing new products. RESCU Solutions looks forward to continuing to play our part in getting these exciting new products to market.

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